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Nick Solares is a food writer, photographer, Emmy nominated broadcaster, industry consultants and an expert on meat eating and restaurant culture.  He was a pioneering food blogger launching Beef Aficionado in 2006 and going on to be a columnist and restaurant reviewer for Serious Eats (2007 — 2014) and Restaurant Editor at Eater NY (2014 — 2018) 


Nick was the creative director for celebrity butcher Pat LaFrieda’s “App of the year 2011” Big App for Meat, produced by Zero Point Zero Productions. As an editorial photographer his work has been featured in The New York Times, New York Post, AM New York,, Serious Eats, Zagat, Grub Street, Time, Newsweek, and Wine Spectator. 


In 2015, Nick began hosting The Meat Show (TMS) for Eater Video. It followed Nick’s exploration of meat culture across the US and the world and quickly gained a devoted following, with episodes drawing tens of millions of views online. TMS received back to back Emmy nominations in 2016 and 2017. 


In 2018 Nick launched Meat Life Media, a media production, events, and consulting company. Meat Life Media produces video and podcast content, and social media campaigns for clients such as The Texas Beef Council and the North American Meat Institute; as well as copyrighting and development services for brands such as Otto Wilde Grills and Olive Fed Wagyu Beef. 

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