Meat Life Media is a new agency model dedicated to meat eating culture. We produce original, commercial and  branded content, organize and host live events, provide consulting services for the restaurant and meat industries, and promote the modern carnivore lifestyle. 


We start with your brand objectives and end with an authentic piece of content. Whether a simple social media campaign, a video series, or a multi-day food festival, we produce high quality media assets, smart campaigns, and classy events to fit your needs.


a show about meat

Meat Life is our original consumer facing show broadcasting on YouTube. It is the follow up to Meat Life Media founder Nick Solares' twice Emmy nominated program The Meat Show (Vox Media). Meat Life is an exploration and celebration of meat eating culture. Meat Life offers both underwriting and brand integration participation options to our partners. 



We produce smart, pithy campaigns that scale across social media platforms and screen sizes. In addition to producing high quality content for your brand we bring both our  own fervent Meat Life audience as well as those of our thought leader and influencer network. We don't just craft your message, we amplify it.


Above all we are storytellers with a passion for the narrative arts. We start with your brand objectives and end with an authentic piece of content. The content we craft is not just about pretty visuals (although we offer plenty of those) but about contextualizing and quantifying your vision. 


Whether an intimate dinner party for a handful of luminaries, a conference for dozens of industry leaders, or a beefsteak dinner for hundreds of guests we produce curated events with a focus on gastronomy and hospitality. We partner with brands, chefs and venues that reflect our values of joyous meat eating.



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